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re: Kyӓndǟs - Bio

Kyӓndǟs - Bio

To begin, my name is Matthew and I have had a passion for Star Wars for about as long I could remember. However, my geeky tendencies expand to Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and so much more.

My passion for Role-Playing began as a child along side my brothers and friends, creating weapons which were quickly used for intense 9 years combat. Thankfully no one got…too much.

The adventures which were conceived during this time had been the influence to my draw toward story. Needless to say, I jumped in to my first MMO at the age of 13 which was DAoC. Not only did it cast me with the Arthurian Era (My Favorite) but, the game introduced a feature known as Player vs. Player. It is here that my need for story dropped to a stand still.

I continued my gaming experience in the RTS genre while keeping my foot within the sci-fi concept (Eve Online). My PvP tendencies grew, and my skill as a player flourished. Yes, I am a Min/Maxer but, I am no elitist. By nature, I over helping a teaching others, I have been told that I am humble, patient and slow to anger, which are always great to hear from others.

What about Role-Playing? This is a huge part in my gaming experience these days, and I owe it all to my two year journey through Lord of the Rings: Online. I did my crafting, and a lot of Story Telling with a great group of individuals and I hope to bring a similar experience to The Followers of Palawa.

Yes I am the Guild leader but, I will not use this position for personal gain, or as a title of superiority. I hope to meet many new people who in turn will grow to be friends. I want to experience all for which TOR has to offer, and doing it alone would seem obsolete.

Best of luck to all of you, and thank you for reading.



Name: Ashti-kyandas
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Guardian
Alignment: Good
Role: Tank

Master Kyandas has embraced the Force and all of which she has to offer. The Force is a living creature living inside every individual throughout the galaxy and beyond. Her reach extends beyond understanding, and physical boundaries, and only few know her purpose. She is the balance between good and evil, and their are those who have corrupted her purpose. Master Kyandas believes in the purity of The Force, her guidance and purpose. There is no need for Light or Dark, there is only Perfection. Perfection is fragile but, powerful in all ways. Perfection draws true strength from The Force, a lack of unity can only bring weakness and death. The Force wills every individual to grasp her power, for it is their life's true purpose. She will never lay her power on those who do not seek it, as it would be a sin. Those who use her gifts for their own corrupt ideas shall never find peace but, only war.

Species/Race: Zabrak
Name: Ellana
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3678 BBY
Place of Birth: Balmorra
Age: 27
Height: 5’6
Weight: 127lbs
Weapons: Double Triggered Blaster Pistols

Ellana lost her parents during the siege of Balmorra. Both her parents were independent engineers hired by the republic. They were tasked with overseeing droid production in many factories on the planet. Once the Sith had begun their assault on the planet, Ellana’s parents had no other choice but to abandon her on a cargo ship headed for Telos. They knew deep down that it would be a safer life then with them. According to newly found data logs, Ellana’s parents were victims of an explosion caused by radical insurgents loyal to the emperor.

Ellana grew up on Telos and received most of her education at the orphanage that took her in a few years before. Although, the idea of having no parents, and living in an environment different to her natural instinct sparked a curiosity in Ellana to travel the galaxy. Within a few years Ellana made off with what little she had and boarded a shuttle craft to Hutta where she was quickly hired by a pirate named Tamen Gull. Over the years Ellana analyzed every action, mannerism, phrasing, even the way he walked. If Ellana had any chance of surviving the facts of life it would be as a smuggler.

After spending two years of her young life in the company of pirates, Ellana made off with her own share of the pie which was enough for her own ship, a pistol, and a small crew. Ellana had kept in contact with some of the pirate lords she had met in previous years, which made it easier for her to obtain high paying jobs. It was easy money, and always business.

Ellana was hired by Brendon Kassii. He was a shady character at best, although the job was easy and for a good price. However, in due time it was evident that the job was but a charade for an even bigger plot. Trapped on Belkadan, with the extermination of her crew and her ship seized by the government officials caused Ellana to join a group known as U.L.A. They were an underground corporation of loyalists fighting for freedom against Imperial rule over Belkadan and the outlining planets.

Ellana had left the planet once the treaty was signed. She punched in her coordinates; Nar Shaddaa. A smugglers life was a busy one and jobs had to be completed once accepted or else blood would have to suffice. However, during a business deal in a local cantina Ellana saw what had been heard of in tales. There in front of her eyes was an Anzati perched a top a table with his tentacles within the Twi’lek’s nostrils. She watched helplessly as the victim’s life faded away. What surprised her the most was how this phenomenon did not hinder the party’s atmosphere. The laughter and the drinking continued into the night. After inquiring the local spice dealers the name Ashti Kyandas emerged.

After recent events on Balmorra, Ellana finds herself along side The Followers of Palawa.

Fate loves the Fearless
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