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re: A'den Akaan - Bio

A'den Akaan - Bio

His name is Wesley and he is second in command of The Followers of Palawa...(He will add his own Bio)



Name: A'den Akaan
Species: Human
Spec: Powertech
Faction: Empire
Role: DPS

Born on the planet of Mandalore, A’den Akaan learnt the ways of the Mandalorians; the ways of honour and victory. His teachings had been focused on creating narrow minded followers; creating fresh meat for battle. It was not long before Aden had been hired by the republic to fight against Dark-Siders during the Third Great Schism. At the age of 14 A’den was naturally un-frightened by the sound of battle, death and fear. In fact as the Dark-Siders launched their land attack upon Coruscant, it was A’den who charged straight into the enemy slaughtering multitudes at a time (As written in the few surviving archives of this era).

His actions sparked new hope for Coruscant which later caused them to defeat the Dark-Siders, driving them back to the Core World system of Vultar. A’den Akaan was viewed as a hero of the republic during the war. He attended all the higher class receptions, parties, meetings and seemed to be falling further away from the battle lines. A’den Akaan meaning “To Rage War” was named after his father, a great warrior of Mandalore. He was bread for the purpose of battle and honor. Not the conservative life of a politician.

A’den had quickly entered in a state of depression after the war. Hooked on Pazzak and drinks from the many cantinas of Coruscant, A’den became a low life of the underground cities. However, one day while sitting nervously at a pazzak table a cloaked man had entered the cantina. Everyone froze, turning to look straight at the man. Turning toward the entrance A’den glanced at the man but he didn’t know what he was the big deal. He noticed a scar on the man’s left eye, but A’den had scars of his own, most of which he was quite proud of.

The cantina returned to its former state. A’dnen turned around to see another man opposite of him sitting quietly. It seemed as if this man had been sitting there for ages. He was an elderly, looked wise, but A’den could care less. Preparing his pazzak cards A’den was ready for a match until the man stretched out his arm and placed a holoprojector in front of A’den. He stared down at it, looked back up and was startled to find the old man missing. He quickly looked around for the old man, but found nothing. Later that night A’den was back on his ship, he plugged the hologram into the computer and immediately the man he had seen earlier was projected.

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[….A’den Akaan took a bow and received his award for his service among the Followers of Palawa….]

Additional Categories:
Bounty Hunter: A'den Akaan
Number of Bounties Captured:570
Number of Bounties Killed:1667

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