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re: Dalthiel - Bio

Dalthiel - Bio

I’m a full-time student in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Concordia University in Montreal. Hopefully I’ll be a successful teacher one day. For now, I’m completing stages in my program and have recently applied as a substitute teacher at an early childhood centers located within the area.

I’m glad to be a member of the Followers of Palawa because I feel like this is an amazing and mature guild. I appreciate being part of a constructive, fun, and supportive team. I started engaging in the Star Wars universe since the release of Knights of the Old Republic back in 2003. I really am drawn to the Old Republic area of the Expanded Universe, and I now have a growing collection of comics and books. I have the entire KOTOR comic collection, both Old Republic volumes, and every issue of the Lost Suns that has been released up until today. Moreover, I have the Fatal Alliance book, the Deceived book, and I will soon pick up the Revan book this November. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that I have the Complete Star Wars encyclopedia of 2008. As you can see, I really enjoy the Old Republic era of Star Wars and I hope to be a good source of knowledge within the guild.

As a gamer, I always liked games of strategy and skill. But I can’t resist a good story. I’ve always loved games that marry story and game-play together. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys a well designed 30 minute cut-scenes. The Old Republic has peaked my interest in the MMO genre that has traditionally been missing that component. I hope to group with some other story driven, role-playing players in the near future.

See you all in-game.


Name: Stitch
Faction: Republic
Class: Smuggler
Advanced Class: Scoundrel
Role: Healer

Bio: *upcoming*

Name: Dalthiel Atou
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Guardian
Role: Tank

Dalthiel Atou grew up on the city world of Coruscant. His father died from a fatal illness before he was even born. As a little boy, Dalthiel enjoyed listening to stories of his father’s great exploits. His father was an adventurer at heart and often took contracts which carried him far away from home. Dalthiel grew up with a great esteem for his father’s wisdom which was passed down to him through his mother.

Unfortunately, life with his mother did not last long. Dalthiel was orphaned at a very young age. One evening, his mother had simply vanished. She never returned home from her daily job at one of Coruscant’s first-class administrative centers. Suspecting foul play, Dalthiel called for help. Coruscant’s finest officers took great care of Dalthiel while they searched for his mother, but eventually, all hope was lost. Dalthiel was ultimately relocated to an orphanage in the lower city.

Although saddened by the loss of his parents, Dalthiel maintains a great respect and honor of their memory. He always did seem to have an innate ability to remain optimistic and courageous. It may have been for this very reason that it was not long before a Jedi Master took notice of the boy. Under his mentorship Dalthiel was granted access into the Jedi Temple and was given special training in the ways of the force.

Dalthiel Atou trained for many years and has since been under the mentorship of various members of the order. Most of his teachers feel he is often too rash and optimistic for his own good. Nearly bordering on a sense of invulnerability; Dalthiel’s teachers feel his potential will one day be wasted on a single foolish and fatal act. Dalthiel, on the other hand, remains optimistic and feels that the force has chosen him for a greater purpose. After growing up within the Jedi Temple and listening attentively to his mentors, Dalthiel feels the way of the force is beyond him, and particularly, beyond even the need for him to understand it. Dalthiel instead, like his father, is often more concerned with the well-being of people. His mind is safely on the present, though some might see this as a sign of weakness and complacency. Nevertheless, Dalthiel trains in the art of Soresu, a defensive form of light saber combat—allowing him to protect his allies in any given moment, trusting the Force to grant everyone long life and a peaceful future.

Fate loves the Fearless
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