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re: Defost - Bio

Defost - Bio

His name is Trevor, and has been part of the gaming phenomenon since birth.



Name: Defost
Faction: Republic
Class: Smuggler
Advanced Class: Gunslinger
Role: DPS

Defost Watea was born 4275 BBY on Corellia, to a respected family in a major city hub. His father Pacal and mother Beryin Watea were both mechanics who worked for the Corellian engineering corporation. Defost was their second son, their first Gahn 3 years Defost’s senior had followed his parents footsteps and excelled in space engineering under their apprenticeship. Defost grew up finding it difficult to cope with his brother’s success.

He started rebelling from the noble corellian life set up for him. He assimilated a gang of kids like himself who for the most part pick pocketed and hustled visitors of the spaceport in the city. As he became more and more deceptive his adventurous corellian spirit pushed him to higher limits. Defost would rig speeder races and terrorize moisture farmers for credits aswell as fun.

One day visiting Gahn at a CEC hangar he was shown The Cambrian a unique small craft, with a sleek chassis and jet black coat that lends it camo even without a cloaking device, it was also complimented by a kuat drive engine, a remarkable hybrid of two companies. Gahn’s work on this project and others were accomplishments that would attract attention all over the galaxy. To congratulate Gahn on this Defost went to the next hangar bay where he was told he’d find his brother. What he found was two Sith muscling his brother into a freighter and taking off. Defost knew that his brother was in trouble and without a second thought took control of The Cambrian and chased after them.

The freighter landed on the Corellian moon of Gus Talon near a small villa. Defost landed right after it and caught the sith before they could summon help. Wielding a flimsy blaster he picked up off a bandit Defost was face to face with two sith one with a blade to Gahn’s neck. The sith proded Defost with insults until he shot uncontrolled at them. He killed both of them with solid shots to the head. But not before they killed his brother.

From that day on Defost vowed to hone his blaster skills. He would become cool and focused under the pressures of battle and train his hands to be faster than blaster fire. After his experience on Gus Talon Defost would roam the galaxy in the Cambrian becoming a smuggling myth. Spice changed hands faster than it could be manufactured. Three cans of Gunjack to some stupid mercenaries could support a healthy Crash n’ burn addiction Defost held. And a score of Glitterstim and dealings with a dangerous character provided Defost with a blaster to be feared.

After a Pazaak hustle gone wrong, Defost became friends with Aden Akaan and followed him to the planet Palawa. It’s believed he stayed there and joined the Followers of Palawa.

Fate loves the Fearless
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