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re: Direwolfen - Bio

Direwolfen - Bio

This guy is Nick, and he can fill you in about himself.


Name: Rennek
Faction: Empire
Class: Bounty Hunter
Spec: Powertech
Role: Tank

Was found just outside of one of the many Crime Lords Den on Nar Shaddaa, by an unlikely HK-droid bounty hunter named Zero, come to claim the lords head. While the boy was crying in the dark alleyway, Zero just had finished killing the guards to the den. Knowing the sound of crying he went to look for it and found the boy looking about 3 years old, clinging only to a scraps of cloth the boy looked at the droid with his big blue eyes trying to conceal the fear of what was going to happen to him. Just by starring into the boys eyes the droid almost felt sorry for the boy as if he was human. Zero then thought back to when he protected a young boy and his family. Just then Zero decided to take the boy in his care to Tattoine the droids home planet.

The boy grew strong in the harsh environment learning all the tricks of the trade from the Bounty Hunter. When he turned 4, Zero went out hunting the boy took to the house trying to clean. For hours he washed, dusted, and swept; until he found a dusty old book lying on the floor not knowing what it was he opened it. Looking at the strange markings on the paper wondering what they mean. Zero just got back from the hunt opening the door to the little house with a bag full of credits in hand finding the boy sitting in a chair looking at the book. Zero walked over taking the book from the boy’s hands. The boy made nasty growling sounds, trying to make him give it back. Zero just laughed and looked at the book the title read WolfenLore. Zero Looked back at the boy while saying "You don't even know how to read, not even a proper name do you?" He looked at the opened page in the book talking about the Dire Wolfs. "That's what I will call you Dire." Shutting the book the boy looked confused. Zero stood there as the boy blankly stared at him and said "Well it’s not a complete name is it?" Looking back at the books title "Wolfen, how about Direwolfen?" the boy liked what he heard jumping up and down like a bat out of hell. “That will be your name Direwolfen;” just then Zero was thinking to himself as if he were human, “I have a son, I have a son.”

As Direwolfen grew older he showed that he had talent. Right away Zero knew this all to well. He fixed anything he got his hands on. When he turned Six Zero was teaching him how to shoot. The boy was good he truly was, yet one day he took one of Zero's big blaster rifles out to shoot while he was recharging. The boy was so happy the he turned off the safety before he realized that it was not a rifle. The gun went off shooting flames; Direwolfen dropped the gun making the flames go everywhere, even hitting his face the pain from the burns made the boy scream unnaturally, Zero heard him and went running toward the sound. When Zero found him the boy was bleeding with burns all over his face and a little on his body passed out on the ground near the gun. Zero rushed him to the nearest med center to help him, yet it was to late the boy had suffered extensive damage to his face that could not be reconstructed. All they could do was clean the burns and fit him with a mask to help him breathe, see, and cover the scars. It was hard adjusting to the mask the way he lived, ate, and slept, even talking to others was hard. Yet against all the odds he still wanted to hone his skills to be a great bounty hunter like Zero. For the rest of his life he made that dream come true with the help of Zero his father, sidekick, and mentor.

Fate loves the Fearless
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