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re: Lomokai - Bio

Lomokai - Bio

His name is Luke. Has been playing video games since birth, and is now in the process of becoming a Park Ranger.


Name: Zelter
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Consular
Advanced Class: Shadow
Role: DPS


Zaen Lighttrin was the only child of a middle class family, who lived in a fair-sized home on a beautiful property, a few kilometers from a town on Alderaan. His father was a retired commander, well known to those in the Alderaan system. His father had met Zaen's mother while serving on Alderaan and married her after a year. When Zaen's mother got pregnant his father retired and moved to their current home to care for his family.

Zaen's childhood was fairly normal, school, part time job at a local shop, hanging out with his friends on the weekend. One saturday evening, after a hard day's work Zaen went to hang out with his friends for the rest of the night. When he returned home the next morning, he walked into the house to be welcomed by silence and there was an uneasy feeling in the air. After a few moment's silence he quietly entered the house, calling for his mother and father. As he turned the corner into the cozy living room his heart skipped a beat, laying on the floor were the cold, pale bodies of his parents.

After several long moments of standing there, tears streaming down his face, he turned back to the door. Zaen ran outside, heading to town, determined to find out what happened and to bring the one responsible to justice. After several hours of fruitless searching he finally stumbled across someone who had somewhat helpful information. He found it his father had had a bounty on his head and someone had finally gotten interested in this bounty. Now with some further information, and after consulting the local authorities, he began his search anew. He eventually found the bounty hunter responsible and brought the authorities to the man's hideout where he was arrested.

Impressed with the efficiency with which the bounty hunter had been taken care of, Zaen spoke to the captain and joined the military. After a year of basic training and two more years of specialist training; training in tough environments in the wilderness, learning of different plants, ways to use the environment to get the advantage and different simulation battles. Zaen excelled at this training and quickly became popular among his comrades. After several successful missions, Zaen became the leader of a small squad sent to different uninhabited wilderness areas for many different kinds of missions, including reconnaissance and rescue missions.

After several years of successful missions, Zaen was called on by an admiral, who he went to see immediately. The admiral informed him that he and his squad, along with several other squads, were going to be sent to reinforce the Republic military group settled on Palawa. The admiral explained that he was worried about a lack of Republic troops in that system, and that he did not want Palawa to seem weak and vulnerable to attack or a change in alliegance. Zaen informed his squad members and packed up his gear. He then left with the rest of the Republic troops to the planet, where he set himself up in the barracks.

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