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PostPosted: Apr. 4th, 2010 9:03 pm    Post subject: A New Adventure on Bunduki

Forum Image

Welcome to your trial period Palawan. During this period you will need to complete some tasks so that we may evaluate your style of play and conclude whether or not this is the guild for you. You will only have 14 days to complete the necessary requirements. Once you have completed a task we ask that you post your accomplishments here, or tell us personally on Ventrillo (if you have).

These tasks are easy but are crucial to your acceptance as a Follower.

The Tasks:

1. Each Trail member is required to create a minimum of 5 posts in our Guild Forums (Posting your own topics is encouraged). They must also have a signature and avatar.

2. You must notify the Grand Master that you have downloaded Ventrillo and acquired a Microphone.

3. Read Our Eidct and be sure to post in your trial thread that you have accepted them.

4. You must arrange an interview with the Grand Master via “Ventrillo” or "Skype" before your trial period is up.

5. Be sure to submit a short biography of yourself so that it may be added to our Member Archive. {Post it in your Trial thread}

Bio Requirements:

Picture (Either yourself or one that describes you):


In-Game Information for main character

Advanced Class:

Character Bio (Optional):

Once you have completed these 5 tasks your application will be reevaluated and a final decision will be made on your full membership. If you have any questions on your trial, the guild, or must take a leave of absence during the trial please message the Guild Leader.

Good luck in your trials!

Please refer to the threads in this forum for updates or help.