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re: Maxxwalker - Bio

Maxxwalker - Bio

Name: Luis Pabon
DOB: 01/12/1980
Birth place: Puerto Rico
Home: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Service Advisor "Orlando Kia"
Realationship: Married with 3 kids all girls "HELP"

I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Orlando so I'm considered a "Florida-Rican" My father worked at a Dodge dealership for 15yrs so that is what made me want to get into the automotive business. My favorite car is a Dodge Viper GT and yes I have driven one. Also driven an 800hp Hennessy Viper. I got into games around the time the first NES game out, my first game I played was Zelda, so you can say I have been playing role-playing games since I was 5. But I think I became a hardcore console player when Halo game out for Xbox. I remember the 1st Halo was not online yet so a group of my friends and I would link up multiple systems in one room with 4 different tv's and game out all night "Good times" Now I did not play to much pc games back then, my first MMO was of course WOW, but by then I was what you consider a casual PC gamer. I would just quest, I did not join a quild "none caught my attention". Now the reason I quite playing WOW was for my wife.....she got tired that I would play WOW more then with her...."if you know what I mean" so I had to make a choice WOW or my wife. I love to game but I loved my wife more visavi...."3 kids" so I quit WOW. But that doesn't mean I stopped gaming. Xbox360 game out with amazing games so I went back to console gaming, I played console games for the next couple of years. Unfortunately my home was broken into and both my Special edition Halo 3 Xbox and PS3 were stolen That's what brought me back to PC gaming and of course I heard of STWOR and me being a Star Wars fan I had to play and I was hooked ever since. I return to be a casual PC player but I'm looking to become more of a hardcore MMO player "Wife Permitting" I would like to have a character of each class at lvl 50, so I'm hoping that with my new guild family I can reach my goal.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Bio.


Name: Maxxwalker
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Role: DPS

Bio:Maxxwalker was born years later after the fall of Palawa in the plant of Bunduki. The year is unknown due to is unconfirmed mother Arden Lyn a female Human and master of Teräs Käsi who belonged to the Followers of Palawa. She was an ancient Dark Jedi, along with her fellow Palawans, joined the Legions of Lettow upon the advent of the First Great Schism between Force users, and became the lover of Xendor, head of the Legions. Maxxwalker was taken as an infant to Coruscant to train and become a Jedi. He maintained some ties with his planet of birth, and even obtained training in the martial art of Teräs Käsi. He was also able to master a deep trance technique which allowed him to sleep for decades without aging, somehow tapping into the Force through meditation. Maxxwalker was padawan to Awdrysta Pina a member of the Jedi Order, who trained Maxxwalker in the art of duel weilding. Maxxwalker had gone on many missions with is master Awdrysta Pina except for one which would be the last he would see of is master. Awdrysta Pina Lead the Jedi forces against the Legions and their leader, Xendor, Pina crushed resistance on Chandrila, Brentaal IV, Metellos and Coruscant before tracking Xendor to Columus. During the fighting, Pina's forces slew fierce warriors such as Sethul Asaiage and Tun Bohoi before Pina finally struck down Xendor himself. Despite the victory and the death of the Legions' leader, Pina had not sated his need to destroy all those involved. Tracking Xendor's lover Arden Lyn to the planet Irkalla, Pina attacked Lyn but his katana shattered upon the powerful Kashi Mer talisman she wore around her neck. Mortally wounded by the flying shards of his own blade, Pina's desire to end Lyn's life did not die. Drawing upon the Force, Pina employed the rarely-used technique called morichro to cease all of Lyn's body functions, ultimately resulting in the stoppage of her heart. Pina died during the process, and Lyn would have too if not for the intervention of unknown individuals. Lyn's body was suspended in a stasis field deep within a tomb, only to reawaken some 24,000 years later during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Maxxwalker made aware of the events swore to continue is training and find the tomb of is masters killer. Too be continued....

Fate loves the Fearless
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